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You’re going to love this ride. It’s a vibe!

We are currently working on getting our On Demand classes up and available to book. In the meantime, click the links below to book or purchase an In-Person class!


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My idea for Vibe Cycle came to me over quarantine, while my studio was shut down and I was teaching classes exclusively online. During that time, I found a way to continue to create exciting, challenging and emotionally moving rides despite the fact that I was teaching to a camera in an empty room. It was then that I realized how important the "vibe" of a spin class actually is. In my opinion, music is one of the most powerful tools we have, and I was able to create and change the vibe of my ride simply with the music choices and construction of my playlist.

With each and every ride that I teach, I strive to fuse my love of spin with my passion for music and performing to create a unique and exhilarating fitness experience for riders of all levels. Cycling has changed my mind and body in a way I never knew possible, and I hope I am able to provide the same experience for all of my clients. At Vibe Cycle, you are guaranteed to work, sweat, and ride the vibe!

Brittany Thompson
Owner l Master Instructor @Vibe Cycle


Hands down my new favorite place to workout. The instructor was so fun and challenging and kind. I forgot to bring water so they gave me a bottle for free and everyone was just so welcoming. I’ll be back for sure. Thank you!

Can't say enough great things about Brittany's classes! Such great energy, so encouraging, so body positive, so focused on strength and challenging yourself, and THE BEST playlist of any LA spin studio!!

Leslie is my HERO. I haven’t taken a class with her since before the pandemic and this was one of my best/favorite rides ever. Her music is always on point and she’s so thoughtful with her pacing!

I loved today’s class! It was the perfect amount of hard, yet fun to meet my daily workout goals. And you sweat so much! This studio is a fav of mine 🙌

You’re going to love this ride. It’s a vibe!