vibe cycle
All About Our Vibe

At Vibe Cycle, we believe music to be the key ingredient in creating the most impactful ride. Our instructors design their playlists using specific music genres, rhythms and beats, and even lyrics to motivate and inspire our riders to get the most out of each ride, physically, mentally and spiritually. Each song has a precise placement to add to the flow and the overall vibe of each class.

In addition to our playlists, our spin room is equipped with the highest quality sound and lighting effects, making each ride feel like a dance party on the bike!

Last but certainly not least, our Schwinn AC Performance Plus bikes equipped with MPower Echelone Consoles will provide the smoothest, most effective ride with each pedal stroke and gear change.

At vibe, we believe in working hard, and playing even harder. So if you live to ride, love to sweat and thrive when the beat drops, our ride is just the vibe for you!